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What is the Infoland Partner Network?

After more than 23 successful years on the Dutch and Belgian markets, it’s now the right time to go global. Our market-leading and user-friendly risk and audit management software, Zenya, is now available to international resellers.

Value-Added Resellers (VARs) are closely aligned with Infoland’s vision, and all have a solid track record in risk and/or audit management. This means we are looking for companies on the lookout for expansion opportunities. More specifically, we are interested in SaaS resellers.

Are you an international consulting or advisory business? Then, we’d like you to become our reseller.

Expansion of your business offer by becoming a Zenya software suite reseller

Expansion of your business offer

Support for partners in all sales stages for Zenya software suite resellers

Receive Zenya product support in all sales stages

Product training for Zenya software suite resellers

Enjoy additional Zenya product training

Zenya – The leading software platform

Keeping up with continuous change is a prerequisite for success in a dynamic world; as an organisation, a team, and a professional. That’s where Zenya comes in: your personal assistant for safety and quality management. You can easily start or complete actions and tasks in powerful dashboards that show at a glance where you stand and where you can still improve. 

Zenya is the best software for both quality management and risk management. It is a modular platform with all the tools you could want. Four modules, compelling on their own and even more robust together.

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Become a Zenya Reseller - We embrace our partners

We embrace️ our partners

Our extraordinary customer service isn’t just for our customers; as an Infoland partner, we’re here to help you every step of the way with answers, resources, and support for anything you need.

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Become a Zenya Reseller - We are stronger together

Stronger together

Because Zenya is used in almost all industries,  Infoland partners can take full advantage of the knowledge of other partners and customers.  We enable knowledge sharing through our active community.

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