nlenbe-nldksefrThe best software for quality and risk management.
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Keeping up with continuous change is a prerequisite for success in a dynamic world. As an organisation, as a team and as a professional.

That’s where Zenya comes in: your personal assistant for safety and quality management. You can easily start or complete actions and tasks to powerful dashboards that show where you stand and where you can still improve at a glance.

Zenya is the best software for both quality management and risk management. It is a modular platform with all the tools you could want. Five modules, extremely powerful on their own and even stronger together.

The foundation was laid more than 25 years ago. Today, Zenya provides an easy-to-use, integrated risk and quality management system. A system enjoyed by more than 1 million professionals every day.

It makes your working day more efficient and easier.

Five unique solutions

One high-performance software suite for quality and risk management

Efficiently manage and distribute documents from a central location.

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Easily set up incident management and workflows

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Discovering improvement potential thanks to audits, checks and questionnaires.

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To be in operational control and turn strategic risks into opportunity.

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Strengthen quality and risk management and involve employees.

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Zenya Software Suite - Portaal

Personal assistant

  • Zenya supports organisations in assuring quality and safety, and controlling risks. This low- threshold system is easy to use for everyone, helping every professional and team to work faster and more efficiently on a daily basis.
  • Zenya is there in whatever way you need it: as an app, as a web portal, integrated into your social intranet and so on. You can count on the same smart and personal support from the Zenya quality management system anytime, anywhere.
  • Zenya evolves from 'the quality portal' into your personal assistant. It helps you to quickly and easily find the information that is relevant to you here and now - through a smart and personalised search and find function.



Actions and task management

The Zenya quality management system is unique as it allows individuals and teams to initiate, monitor and handle new actions very easily – and you are not limited to actions derived from the ‘traditional’ quality management system. Whether it is an action decided in a team meeting or the follow-up of an audit finding – it’s quick, easy and uniform. This means that at any time, you and your team know what still needs to be done and what has priority.

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Zenya helps teams, departments and professionals manage quality, safety and risks through recurring tasks and associated dashboarding.”

Dashboarding binnen de Zenya Software Suite


Zenya joins relevant risk and quality management indicators from all modules into one clear dashboard. Both for teams and for the entire organisation. This way, you know at any time how well you are doing – and where you can or must do better.


Compliance is a ‘hygiene factor’ in quality management. Naturally, this is also reflected throughout Zenya. The software provides the necessary framework: frames and guidelines, to which other information can be linked and on the basis of which you can report.

The Zenya modules play a role, individually or together, in the activities you need to perform to meet the compliance criteria. The basis of Zenya provides overview, uniform planning and handling of the resulting tasks.

Working together in teams

Teams increasingly decide for themselves how to divide their work. In these self-managing teams, it is important that professionals can decide for themselves which tasks they take up. Therefore, Zenya makes it possible to create teams to which you can assign various actions and tasks.

The team can autonomously determine who does what, while always keeping an overview. Meaning that you keep control of tasks and actions, while at the same time giving teams the freedom to take ownership and responsibility. In this way, quality management becomes a part of everyone’s work.

If teams can decide for themselves how to divide the work, that is the starting point for continuous improvement at all levels.”

Want to know more about Zenya? Request the software suite brochure.

Want to know more about the Zenya software suite?

The brochure on the Zenya software suite provides a good overview of the four modules.

Read the brochure at your leisure and discover what makes this suite and the combination of the four modules so powerful. 

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