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Let this business solution work for you

Use Infoland’s expertise to support and accelerate your validation process

Get unburdened and focus on the other aspects of certification

Take a targeted approach to GxP, GAMP and other certifications where software validation is important

An efficient validation process guaranteed

Organisations that want help validating the set-up of their Zenya software sometimes have no or too little time and capacity available for this themselves. Validation is therefore a comprehensive and time-consuming activity, especially if you are not fully versed in software set-up.

With our expertise, you save a lot of time and can count on high-quality documentation for validation. Our functional administrators know the software through and through and are able to quickly understand the set-up of your Zenya software. This allows us to quickly take the right steps to implement improvements and document configurations. This ensures an efficient validation process. You can also choose to let us support you with periodic validation, for example after Zenya software updates that may affect validations.

Validation for each phase

Acquisition phase

When purchasing the software, we help you with the User Requirements Specification by preparing a document with the user requirements specifications. We also ensure that comprehensive testing materials and information on testing from Zenya are available to your organisation on demand.

Implementation Phase

During the implementation phase, you will work with the consultant to establish the setup. After this, we can provide you with a checklist tailored to this setup to test the software and the setup. After this testing phase, we provide you with configuration specification documents, which describe in detail the configurations made.

Revalidation after Zenya update

With Zenya updates, the software may change in such a way that you need to retest. We can then help you with checklists specific to your Zenya configuration. Based on these, you can test the configuration in the test environment, so that validation is again in order after updating the production environment.

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What makes this solution unique?

  • Speed and efficiency: thanks to our knowledge of the software and knowledge of GxP, we can help you with validations quickly and efficiently
  • Clarity and reliability: we provide you with all necessary documents and checklists
  • Optimal in control: you know for sure that you are optimally supported in the validation process

Want to know more about this business solution?

The Zenya Validation business solution was developed for customers who need to comply with GxP, GAMP or other certifications, where validation of the software setup is an important item. Often these are customers in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry and laboratories.

Does this solution suit your organisation? During a conversation, we can tell you more about the possibilities. Please contact us.

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What do you get with this solution?

When choosing this solution, it is good to know what is included.
This is what you can expect from the business solution “Zenya Validation”:

In the procurement phase


You need to prepare a document with the specifications of the user requirements. We will help you format these user requirements.


Comprehensive testing materials and information on testing from Zenya should be available from us on demand for your organisation.

In the implementation phase

Extended user test

Customer-specific checklist when delivering Zenya. Test scripts based on own notification types, documents and questionnaires.

Configuration specifications

Document(s) describing the configuration of Zenya (design document) – after Extended user test.

In case of Zenya updates


  • What applies on release?
  • Testing in default ring, timeframe clear. Production environment in slow ring.

User acceptance testing-document

  • What to test, what is the expected result, what is the test result (OK/NOK) and what
    is the evidence?
  • Per equipped component (e.g. Notification type)

Why are others using this solution?

  • As the creators of the software, we have all the knowledge of Zenya. In addition, we are well acquainted with the set-up of Zenya at your organisation. A valuable combination that optimises the validation process.

Want to know more about Zenya Validation?

Are you interested in Zenya solutions and want to know more about one or more of them? If so, please let us know. We will be happy to discuss the possibilities for your organisation.