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Let this business solution work for you

Implementation, configuration and training: the most efficient way to get a good start with the purchased Zenya module(s)

With a tailored plan of action, we make sure Zenya fits your organisation and goals

Thanks to our broad experience, we think critically about the best implementation for your organisation

Implementation, configuration and training

Proper implementation and configuration of Zenya is crucial to get the most out of the software. This requires specialist knowledge, which most organisations do not have in-house. Our consultants have carried out many Zenya implementations, making them efficient and knowledgeable about all the issues involved. Their broad experience allows them to best fit Zenya to the general and specific processes within your organisation.

To ensure a smooth transition from implementation and configuration to usage, it is equally important to train employees. Therefore, training courses for application administrators, coordinators and document managers are an integral part of this business solution.

Working together

A smooth implementation is teamwork and requires a project team, consisting of a content expert, functional application manager and IT specialist (possibly on call). At the start of the process, we take a very close look at your organisation. We make a tailor-made plan of action, a schedule with deadlines and we discuss which steps to take. We also carefully map out which resources are required for the implementation. Our consultant monitors the progress of the process, so that we can work with you to achieve the set planning and objectives on time.

This is how we work

The overall implementation process consists of twelve steps divided into three phases: preparation, implementation and completion. On a regular basis, we plan working sessions and meetings with the project team, during which the work is reviewed and the implementation choices explained. The meetings and work sessions are partly on-site and partly remote.

How long the overall implementation process takes depends, among other things, on the module(s) purchased, the availability of the project team, the clarity of the processes and the availability of the right resources. Before completion, we train the users. After completion and evaluation of the overall implementation, the consultant transfers responsibilities to the service desk and account manager, who are available for support.

Maak gebruik van de ervaring van onze specialisten - Business Solution Functioneel Beheer - Zenya by Infoland

What makes this solution unique?

  • You can count on an efficient implementation process based on sound knowledge and best practices
  • You have access to tactical and operational support from broadly oriented consultants
  • Once all steps have been completed, end-users can immediately start working with an effective and optimally functioning Zenya installation

What do you get with this solution?

Efficient implementation process

Efficient implementation and configuration of the purchased Zenya module(s) in a way that suits your organisation.

Project planning and support

Our consultant monitors the project planning and support and the progress of the entire implementation process.

Includes hands-on training

The business solution includes hands-on user training for application administrators, coordinators and document managers.

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The business solution Consultancy at Implementation is designed for organisations that are going to work with one or more Zenya modules and want to get a good start with the software.

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Why do others use this solution?

  • Because our consultants have carried out many implementations in various industries and organisations, we know exactly what works for your organisation and what doesn't
  • We have already done hundreds of implementations, so we work super efficiently and we guarantee that we meet our deadlines and keep appointments

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