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Working safely in the installation and construction industry is complex. One has to deal with a varied set of risks and the quality requirements in construction and installation engineering are high. In addition, every employee is responsible for actively making his or her own contribution.

  • Companies and employees want to comply well with laws, regulations and standards in the construction and installation sector, such as the Safety Certificate for Contractors (SCC).
  • Employees and those involved always have a need for clear insight into environmental safety. Information about this must be easily communicated.
  • When dangerous situations and incidents or accidents are properly reported, you get a better understanding of risks. This allows you to learn from risks.
  • You want to share insights so that awareness is raised. Every safety process should be well understood and communicated. This is the only way to create room for improvement.

All in all, there are many balls that need to be kept in the air at the same time.

Fortunately, Zenya can support companies with safety in the construction and installation sector. This user-friendly software for the construction industry puts safety and health first, while avoiding risks. It is the ideal software for construction companies – complete with apps that can be used anywhere, including any construction site.

Create and improve awareness

Proactively identify risks to safety, quality and sustainability, deploy management and improvement measures and communicate concretely with reports and dashboards.

Control and improve environmental safety

Ensure that instructions, procedures and situations are clearly communicated to everyone everywhere at all times. Make reporting easy and accessible for internal and external parties.

Work and communicate efficiently

Plan toolbox meetings and theme meetings, and record attendance. Plan periodic checks and tasks, and make audits and certification easy.

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We work together with:

Organising toolbox meetings and supporting thematic meetings

During toolbox meetings, topics such as safety and safe working practices are discussed. Employees are required to attend, and attendance must be recorded. With Zenya, you can schedule toolbox meetings and record attendance for greater control.

The narrative during a toolbox meeting or theme meeting can be supported with reports and management dashboards from Zenya. These make data and other information insightful and discussable.

According to various laws and directives, employers are obliged to provide employees with information on work-related risks. With all documentation correctly uploaded and stored in Zenya, everyone has instant access to the right information.

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Samenwerken in de bouwsector op een werkplaats

Incident reporting through Zenya FLOW is approachable and intuitive. Our people can easily make reports and are not confronted with complex flows themselves.”

Jeroen Vercauteren - SPIE Belgium
Jeroen Vercauteren
QSE manager at SPIE Belgium
Voorbeeld Capture App op een mobiele telefoon - Zenya FLOW Incidentmanagement Software

Quickly report incidents, from any location

Of course we want to avoid accidents, but where there is construction, sometimes things go wrong. To make sure that problems are solved properly and escalation is prevented, reports need to be made easily and quickly. Zenya FLOW is a complete and comprehensive workflow and incident management solution for quality and safety in the construction industry.

The Zenya Capture app allows anyone with a phone or tablet in their pocket to report incidents. One can report on which location something goes wrong, complete with photo and text. This shows immediately what the danger is and how quickly something needs to be fixed.

Within Zenya, all data on reports is collected via reports and management dashboards. This provides quick insight into where improvement opportunities lie. Once reporting and analysis is complete, improvements are immediately visible in the Zenya improvement register. The right person responsible can immediately track progress.

Protocols and work instructions always at hand

Besides supporting the attainment and maintenance of certifications, Zenya helps to find information faster. Think of procedures or instructions such as those for working at height or working with hazardous substances.

Information such as operating instructions for machinery and equipment is also at your fingertips. Store all information in Zenya DOC or create an interactive document so that people do not have to search for instructions for a long time.

  • Intelligent workflows allow you to set up your document management so that information is always up-to-date. People never work with incorrect or outdated information again;
  • Employees can use smart search algorithms to find information quickly. This can be done using a desktop computer or in the Zenya Search App on tablet or mobile phone;
  • The Zenya Search App also allows employees on location to scan QR codes, which you stick on devices or other objects, for example. That searches for information even faster;
  • Thanks to the “Interactive Documents” feature, you no longer have to scroll endlessly through a document. Answer a few smart questions and you will land in the right section of the interactive document;
  • Sharing information with external parties such as subcontractors or suppliers? No problem either. You set the sharing authorisation flexibly yourself. You decide who sees what.

Zenya DOC in combination with the Search App allows you to work anywhere with the correct information, even without a computer or internet connection.

Find more information about the Zenya DOC module.

kwaliteitsmanagement in de bouw

Prevention used to be synonymous with too much administration and desk work. With this system, the degree of administration drops and we can get back to proactive prevention advice on the shop floor.”

Dirk Putzeys
CRH Structural Concrete Belgium about Zenya FLOW

Efficient and quick periodic auditing and inspection

Poor maintenance is bound to cause problems. But lack of knowledge about processes, procedures and protocols also brings risk.

Within Zenya, you can make use of the digital card box that allows you to link information to task schedules or objects. Then when it’s time for periodic maintenance or a scheduled check, maintenance information is quickly found.

Want employees to be automatically notified when it’s time for periodic maintenance or a scheduled audit? With a notification from Zenya FLOW, they will be alerted when something needs to be done.

With Zenya CHECK, you can easily create your own questionnaires. Think of questionnaires for SCC or work inspections, supplier assessments or safety rounds. You can link these questionnaires to task schedules or other internal objects in a workflow.

Any learning and improvement points from audits or work inspections are stored in Zenya via the integral improvement register so that follow-up is easy.

Finally, you can define requirements within Zenya for, for example, a specific ISO certification in construction or specific construction standards. Based on these requirements, you can use the questionnaires to conduct internal audits. Because everything can be linked, you find information and evidence for ISO certification or other standards faster.

With Zenya, you will always know how your organisation is doing and pass internal or external audits effortlessly.

Learn more about the Zenya CHECK module.

Frequently asked questions – Zenya Software for construction or installation companies

Can Zenya support SCC audits and SCC certification?

Yes it can. SCC auditing is part of Zenya. This allows workplace inspections and safety rounds to be easily planned and carried out on site by the appropriate person in charge.

Does Zenya also support supplier management with non-conformities?

It certainly does. Zenya also allows you to record everything around supplier management. With the combination of the 4 powerful modules, you perform the following tasks, among others:

  • Supplier contract management;
  • Procurement, invoice and spend management;
  • Documentation of accreditations and certifications;
  • …and registration of non-conformities.

How does Zenya support legal and regulatory compliance?

Companies in the construction sector must comply with various laws, regulations and standards. Municipalities monitor these. By storing all obtained certificates and commitments in Zenya DOC, you can always show evidence quickly and easily during inspections.

Can I use Zenya for ISO in construction?

Yes. You can use Zenya in several ways for ISO certifications for the construction industry. These include support for ISO standards such as ISO 9001 (quality management), ISO 14001 (environmental management), ISO 45001 (safety) and ISO 27001 (information security).

How does Zenya support KPIs such as safety, productivity, cost efficiency and quality?

Zenya offers various solutions that allow employees at every level in the company to have clear insight and overview of important KPIs. Thanks to clear reports, one knows immediately what is on track but also where adjustments need to be made. This makes it easier to set up improvement actions.

Also read the article “Applying the PDCA method more efficiently with software” for more information on support in executing the PDCA policy cycle.

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Want to know more about the Zenya Software Suite?

Want to read more about the Zenya software suite? The Zenya software suite brochure gives a good overview of the four modules.

Read the brochure and find out what makes this suite and the combination between the four modules so powerful.

Five unique solutions

One high-performance software suite for quality and risk management

Efficiently manage and distribute documents from a central location.

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Easily set up incident management and workflows

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Discovering improvement potential thanks to audits, checks and questionnaires.

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To be in operational control and turn strategic risks into opportunity.

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Strengthen quality and risk management and involve employees.

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