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Zenya Beeldmerk Transparant
Zenya software provides all relevant quality and risk management functionalities. Our technical solutions make Zenya even more powerful and valuable to your organisation. We have a number of links and integrations available that make the work of end users more efficient and easier and save IT departments a lot of work. Think for example of links or integrations with BI tools, ECDs, EPDs or user provisioning systems.
Zenya Software Suite - Portaal

Let our technical solutions work for you

If you want to use one of our technical solutions for your organisation, let us know. After receiving your order, we will plan it after approval and you will receive a schedule with the expected delivery date. After approval, our experienced engineers will start working for you.

After delivery, you can test the operation of the technical solution for four weeks. Does something still need to be adjusted? Then we will take care of it. We always aim for maximum satisfaction! That is why a satisfaction measurement follows after the final delivery.

Customisation is also possible

Is there no standardised technical solution available for your specific challenge? Then we would be happy to discuss a tailor-made solution with you.

Integrations and links

Microsoft Search Connector voor Zenya

Microsoft Search Connector for Zenya

The Microsoft Search Connector for Zenya connects SharePoint sites within Microsoft 365 with Zenya DOC.

With this technical solution, you can search as usual with the central Microsoft Search toolbar, including all its functionality, and also find search results from Zenya.

Zenya Webparts SharePoint

Zenya Web Parts for SharePoint Online

This technical solution connects SharePoint sites within Microsoft 365 with Zenya DOC and ensures that content from Zenya can be found in logical places within SharePoint, for example on theme or departmental pages. The solution includes three ready-to-use Zenya Web Parts: ‘Search and browse’, ‘My favourites’ and ‘Recently viewed by me’.

Koppeling Zenya en HL7


We create a link to an HL7 system so that you can easily retrieve patient or client data and use it in a Zenya FLOW form.

The Patient ID forms the basis, optionally expandable with search by Social Service number or surname and date of birth.

AFAS en Zenya

AFAS user provisioning integration

If your organisation uses AFAS Online as a source for users, the technical solution AFAS user provisioning integration is a valuable solution to synchronise users from AFAS Online to Zenya.

Koppeling Zenya en i+ODBC

Link with i+ODBC

With this technical solution, we create a link to an ODBC source so that you can easily use requested data in a Zenya FLOW form.

The ODBC source can be a (SQL) database, TXT or Excel file.

Ondersteuning bij integraties - Zenya

Integration support

Even if you want to establish an integration between Zenya and another third-party vendor’s software, we can support you in this. The Zenya API is the starting point.

Koppeling met sociaal intranet en Zenya

Link with social intranet

Did you know that you can also make information out of Zenya easily available on your intranet? We have links with Iris Intranet (Triptic), Embrace SBS, Harmonics (Winkwaves), A&M Impact and Involv (CognITIVE). The links are created by these partners.

Data import, export en visualisation

Zenya solution - PowerBI as a Service

PowerBI as a Service

Do you use overnight data export from Zenya to PowerBI? And do you want to visualise Zenya data in PowerBI? With this solution, you can have a PowerBI dashboard created to visualise Zenya data.

Zenya gegevens beschikbaar in je BI-cockpit

BI export, database deployment on Infoland Azure environment

With this technical solution, you choose a BI export to make data from Zenya available in your organisation’s BI environment smoothly and without duplication.

Koppeling met externe bron via API - Zenya

Linking to External Source via (REST) API

Working efficiently means using data from different systems within Zenya effortlessly. We make that possible with Zenya’s technical solution External Source via (REST) API functionality.

Importing and synchronising

Kaartenbak synchroniseren of importeren

Cardfile – import or synchronise

With the Cardfile synchronisation tool, it is possible to synchronise objects from an Excel list to a specific Cardfile in Zenya at a preset frequency, for example daily or weekly.

Ongevallen meldingen met gespecialiseerde incidentmanagement software - Zenya FLOW by Infoland

A one-time import of reports

This technical solution is suitable for your organisation if you want to import large quantities of reports from another system to Zenya FLOW once and without double work.

A one-time document import

If you want to import large quantities of documents from another DMS into your Zenya DOC environment once and without duplication of effort, choose this technical solution.

Other technical solutions

Zenya - Sandbox omgeving


With this technical solution, you get a second Zenya environment alongside your current production environment to try out new features or to validate the Zenya environment.

This does not affect your product environment. The sandbox can contain a copy of the setup and data from your production environment. You can also configure User Provisioning, SingleSignOn (SSO) and up to two links, giving you a realistic test and training environment.

Ondersteuning bij gebruikersbeheer en authenticatie - Zenya

User management and authentication

By connecting Zenya to the Single Sign-On solution your organisation works with, the user sign-in process becomes efficient and worry-free. Centralised user management also simplifies management and gives new users instant access to Zenya with the necessary permissions and better security. Deactivation of employees who leave employment is also automatic.

Want to know more about Zenya solutions?

Are you interested in Zenya solutions and want to know more about one or more of them? Please let us know. We will be happy to discuss the possibilities for your organisation.