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Let this business solution work for you

Work in a structured manner to optimise Zenya’s application

Get support to achieve your organisational goals faster

Increase internal support for Zenya’s application in your organisation and achieve better results faster

This is how we work

We start with a telephone intake. This is followed by an analysis meeting, during which we explore how Zenya can best support your organisation in areas such as QHSE, facility management, AVG, improvement, certifications, organisational growth, process digitisation, compliance, risk management and reporting. You will receive a pragmatic optimisation plan, including recommendations on how to best align Zenya with your organisational goals.

Organisational analysis and baseline measurement

The analysis discussion is held with two Infoland employees, at least one of whom is a consultant, and several stakeholders from your organisation, such as a quality manager, application manager, risk manager, technical manager and key users (risk manager). During the discussion, we look at the Zenya management structure within your organisation and examine where the organisation is now, where you want to grow and how we can get there efficiently, supported by Zenya.

In addition to the analysis conversation, we perform a baseline measurement of the current situation, based on our Quickscan. We prefer to do this in the same week as the interview. With a thorough analysis of Zenya’s set-up, your management organisation and your ambitions and goals, we help you chart the route to the optimal Zenya set-up.

Pragmatic optimisation plan with recommendations

After the analysis discussion, we draw up a pragmatic optimisation plan with recommendations. Together, we identify the needs and strategic opportunities for your organisation. In the plan, we translate them into an optimal Zenya setup. Naturally, we incorporate our experiences from industry-related organisations and use best practices. Based on our knowledge and practical experience, we help you set priorities, so that you can make the right changes to optimise Zenya application with a clear roadmap.

We stay in touch

It is important that once you receive the optimisation plan and our recommendations, you can get started immediately. If you unexpectedly encounter any obstacles during implementation, we’ll be close by. We keep in touch with you so that you can always put any questions or uncertainties to us. After three, six and nine months, we will contact you to hear how things are going. If you need additional support in implementing the optimisation plan, you can also use the business solution Functional Application Management.

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What makes this solution unique?

  • Leverage our valuable knowledge on how to use Zenya to contribute more and better to achieving your organisational goals
  • Make efficient use of our practical experience and best practices
  • Even after implementation, we build a solid, future-proof relationship

Want to know more about this business solution?

The business solution Optimal Use of Zenya was developed for organisations that have been successfully working with Zenya modules for several years and want to optimise the set-up of Zenya to contribute more to the realisation of organisational goals.

Is this solution right for your organisation? During a conversation, we can tell you more about the possibilities. Please contact us.

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What do you get with this solution?

When choosing this solution, it’s good to know what’s included.
This is what you can expect from the business solution “Optimal Use of Zenya”:

Together with a consultant

In a detailed analysis meeting with at least one Infoland consultant and a team of up to five of your colleagues, we will go through the full set-up of the Zenya modules in depth and discuss your ambitions for the future.

Baseline measurement

We do a baseline measurement of the current Zenya setup, preferably in the week of the analysis interview. This is based on our Quickscan.

Pragmatic optimisation plan

The output consists of a pragmatic optimisation plan, in which we list all advice and possible optimisation steps. You decide which optimisations you want to implement and whether you do this yourself or have it done by one of our Functional Application Managers.

Why are others using this solution?

  • As creators of the software, we have all the knowledge of Zenya. In addition, we are well acquainted with the set-up of Zenya and the processes within your organisation. A valuable combination to optimise the Zenya setup.

Want to know more about optimising
of your Zenya environment?

Are you interested in Zenya solutions and want to know more about one or more of them?
Please let us know. We will be happy to discuss the possibilities for your organisation.