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Measuring and improving Employee Satisfaction with questionnaires in Zenya

‘Happy employees are motivated employees’. Any employer will agree. But what makes employees happy? And as an employer, how do you contribute to employee satisfaction? An employee satisfaction survey helps you find out. A tried and tested way of conducting these surveys is with the help of questionnaires. How to do this properly and how can Zenya help you? Find out in this article.

The importance of Employee Satisfaction surveys

Did you used to get automatic updates on how your employees were doing on the work floor? Now that hybrid working is more common, that is a lot harder. An Employee satisfaction research is like an ‘internal audit’ that provides insight into how employees value their work and you as an employer. Moreover, you send a powerful signal that you care about your employees’ well-being and happiness at work.

In the Netherlands, conducting Employee satisafction research is not mandatory. Nevertheless, it pays to measure your employees’ work experience and satisfaction. Especially in these times of labour market tightness. Because satisfied employees:

  • Are more productive and perform better;
  • Falls out less and shorter;
  • Stay longer with your organisation;
  • Ensures happy customers;
  • Make your company more attractive as an employer.

What increases Employee Satisfaction?

How satisfied your employees are depends on several factors. A pleasant working environment and a pleasant working atmosphere contribute to employee satisfaction. As do a good salary and attractive fringe benefits, such as flexible working hours and the possibility of working from home.

Receiving recognition and appreciation for their work also increases satisfaction. Consider giving regular positive feedback, rewarding good work and organising staff activities. Other aspects that increase job satisfaction include clear communication about tasks and expectations and sufficient independence and ownership in the work.

Medewerkerstevredenheid verhogen - Zenya

Conducting Employee Satisfaction survey with a questionnaire

There are several ways to measure employee satisfaction within your organisation. The most common method of conducting an Employee satisfaction research is with a questionnaire or survey. Here, employees give their opinions on topics such as:

  • Job content and workload;
  • Work environment and facilities;
  • Collaboration and working atmosphere;
  • Ownership and autonomy;
  • Style of leadership;
  • Working conditions and salary;
  • Engagement;
  • Communication;
  • Training and development opportunities.

This is how to prepare a good questionnaire for your Employee Satisfaction research


Decide which topics to include in the employee satisfaction survey. Realise that the longer the questionnaire, the more people will drop out halfway through. Possibly offer a small reward for completing the entire questionnaire, such as a voucher that you can request via a link on the thank-you page. Instead of one long questionnaire, you can also split the questionaire into sub-surveys.


Give employees the option of completing the questionnaire anonymously. This increases their sense of security, making them more likely to share their sincere opinions without fear of unpleasant consequences.

Language use

Formulate the questions clearly and use short sentences. This way, your employees will clearly understand what is asked of them. Do you have many employees who do not speak Dutch? Then consider offering the questionnaire in other languages as well.

Also ask why

Assessment questions express a rating in a number or scale. So you know how someone rates a certain aspect, but not why. Why does someone give their workplace an unsatisfactory score: is it too cold, too warm or too noisy, is the chair uncomfortable or is the monitor difficult to see because of glare from outside? By also asking about the underlying reasons, your survey provides concrete handles for improvement.

Increasing employee satisfaction with the survey results

After completing the survey, you can analyse the data and identify any problems or bottlenecks within your organisation. Then draw up an action plan to increase employee satisfaction.

Name the following in this action plan:

  • The themes and concerns from the employee satisfaction survey;
  • Priorities based on survey results;
  • The improvement actions by theme;
  • How to involve or keep employees informed;
  • How to monitor the progress of action points (e.g. by repeating the survey periodically).
Het belang van medewerkerstevredenheidsonderzoek

Which tool for my Employee Satisfaction research?

Creating, sending and analysing an Employee Satisfaction research can be done using various tools, for example Microsoft Excel, Google Forms, survey tools such as Survey Monkey or Typeform or a module within your quality management software, such as Zenya CHECK.

Whichever tool you choose for your Employee Satisfaction survey, pay close attention to aspects such as available question types, ease of use (for the creator, the interviewer and the analyst) and costs. Another important aspect when choosing the right survey tool is privacy: how does the supplier handle your employees’ personal data and confidential answers? With a tool that runs within your own company network, you run less risk of data breaches, for example, than with an online tool.

Setting up an Employee Satisfaction survey in no time with Zenya CHECK

Did you know that Zenya CHECK, Infoland’s audit management software, is perfect for setting up an Employee satisfaction Survey? With Zenya CHECK, you create questionnaires in no time and then distribute them to your employees in a few clicks. Using the real-time dashboards, you quickly and easily draw conclusions from the completed surveys. The insights from the surveys help you identify improvement opportunities and take actions to increase employee satisfaction within your organisation.

Why Zenya CHECK for your
Employee Satisfaction survey?

  • Zenya CHECK is flexible. You can work with various types of questionnaires, checklists and surveys. This allows you to quickly identify improvement opportunities.
  • Easily create questionnaires for periodic monitoring of quality standards and safety requirements.
  • Conduct systematic and disciplined investigations (audits) and thereby ensure good and reliable performance.
  • In Zenya CHECK, the privacy of personal data and confidential information is guaranteed.

Curious about how Zenya can support your organisation with your employee satisfaction survey? Read more about Zenya CHECK here.

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