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Infoland, the creator of Zenya, has over 20 years of experience with quality management in healthcare. We know all the ins and outs of guidelines and standards like Qmentum, ISO 9001 and Prezo and we understand how Zenya can best support you in this. Whether your organisation consists of thousands of employees or just a handful; we know how to deploy Zenya successfully.

We all see the value of working with a quality and risk management software. But when we get to the point of implementation and functional application management? That’s where we often see challenges, especially in smaller organisations.

This is why it is now possible to opt for a standardised set-up with three ready-made workflows and a subscription for functional application management. This way, deploying the best software for quality and risk management is always within reach, regardless of the size of your organisation.

Immediately get started with standard implementation and outsourced functional management

Zenya is the best and most user-friendly quality and risk management software for healthcare organisations. Zenya moves with change, which is continuous. It is the trusted place to embed quality, safety and improvement, and to manage risks. It is also versatile software. Not surprisingly, Zenya is used daily by thousands of healthcare professionals from over 425 healthcare organisations.

The fact that Zenya is versatile is both an advantage and a disadvantage. On the one hand, you can use it in any direction, and on the other hand, implementation and functional application management do require some time and knowledge.

  • In large organisations, this is not a problem in most cases. They often employ one or more application managers, so this can be handled perfectly well internally.
  • In medium-sized and small healthcare organisations, it is different. There, they often employ few or no application managers, creating a stumbling block to using Zenya.

This is why organisations can now opt for a standardised set-up with three ready-made workflows and a subscription for functional application management exported by Infoland. The need to employ an in-house application manager disappears. We ensure that your organisation can get started with Zenya right away without a long implementation and consultancy process.

Standard implementation with three ready-to-use workflows

To be clear, the Zenya environment that you introduce into your organisation in this way is NOT a stripped-down or light version of Zenya. You simply get the full functionality of the chosen modules. Your organisation can immediately start working with incident reports, complaint handling and improvement in a complete, functional set-up of Zenya DOC and/or Zenya FLOW.

Do you want to expand later with new workflows for other applications? This is possible, as you have full access to all software functionalities of your chosen modules.

Functional management subscription is included

Thanks to the workflows predefined by our experts, you will really get off to a flying start after a quick and pragmatic implementation. You do not need to worry about functional application management after implementation either.

Normally, the functional application management of Zenya requires a fairly intensive training programme by an internal functional application manager, which is usually not possible in smaller healthcare institutions. Therefore, you can now opt for an inclusive subscription where you have functional application management performed by Infoland. This way, you can be sure that the management is in good order, while you can focus on what you actually wanted to use Zenya for.

Of course, this subscription also allows you unlimited use of our service desk and support department. You are also welcome to visit the Infoland Community. The online platform where you can ask all your questions about our software, and where you can find relevant support articles and training sessions.

Approachable, ready-to-use and worry-free

Does your healthcare institution need immediate use of the best and user-friendly software for professional quality and risk management? Do you have no need for lengthy implementation and consultancy processes, but want to benefit from the power of Zenya without worrying about functional application management? Then let us know. Because Zenya will, without a doubt, suit you too.

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