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Zenya and AI: AI as a superpower in quality management

In 2023, large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT were suddenly all over the place. Nowadays, almost everyone has used OpenAI. But how can AI innovations help reduce errors, ensure security and work more efficiently? What is our take on AI in relation to Zenya? We understand that you are curious and have questions about this. In this article, we will give you a sneak peek, address your concerns and most importantly: hope to get you excited about the new possibilities Zenya offers in combination with AI.

In the world of quality and risk management, we constantly strive for improvement. How do we work more efficiently and create more time for what really matters? How do we ensure that fewer errors, data breaches or medical errors happen? The promise we make to our clients with Zenya is that with our software, organisations can get quality right and risks under control. Employees can contribute to this with Zenya. Moreover, they can be confident that the information they find in Zenya is always up-to-date and correct. This ‘Zenya promise’ is what we consider most important.

But in the meantime, the bright minds at Infoland follow technical innovations closely. They are constantly identifying, researching and assessing these innovations. One way the Infolanders do this is by collaborating with the Fontys InnovationLab. For example, in 2023, we researched large language models (LLM), such as ChatGPT, which were introduced to a wider audience this year. In our view, this offers many new opportunities and possibilities this year.

De toekomst van AI bij Zenya

Increasing challenges in all sectors

Whether your organisation operates in the healthcare or energy sector, in the logistics or transport sector – all sectors face significant challenges in the coming years. For instance, many organisations will have to do more with less labour due to persistent staff shortages. The pressure to (continue to) ensure quality is increasing, while new regulations and stricter standards are actually making that task more difficult. A greater need is emerging for smart ways to tackle these challenges.

Should we then cast aside everything we have built up over the past decades, around controlling quality and safety? Certainly not! On the other hand, organisations cannot afford to spend less time on their core business. Because of the above challenges, many organisations do not have the luxury of reading extra protocols and going through checklists…. On the contrary, they need to be smarter with their time.

AI as a superpower

Generative AI combined with quality and risk management software can offer organisations many benefits. Imagine if, as a healthcare organisation, you could deliver the same quality of care with less effort and time investment. What would that mean for your organisation?

We think AI applications within Zenya can help with:

  • Creating content with less effort.
  • Easier to find answers and easier to draw conclusions.
  • Translate information for the right audiences and media with less effort.

If we combine the promise of generative AI with the Zenya promise, we can give organisations a bit of superpower. Zenya, for example, is already full of content. Wouldn’t it be great if you could create that content with less effort? We think so, with the important disclaimer that that content does not become less reliable. In short: we want to help your organisation and colleagues deliver the same quality, but with less time and effort.

The concerns some people have about AI are understandable. We recognise this and are therefore developing ways to apply AI in a controlled way within Zenya. We do not want the quality of content to deteriorate, but rather improve. So it is not that you will soon no longer need quality and risk management software, but that you will do your work in Zenya smarter.

Zenya en AI

What is next?

We started the controlled integration of AI into Zenya in 2023, in a test environment. This project is ongoing and we are doing it together with a number of customers, who have agreed to share input. In this testing phase, we are focusing on areas where AI will clearly add value. The AI models used are located in a protected area of the Microsoft Azure Cloud, along with our Zenya SaaS solution, making testing secure. This spring, we will share the first results of Zenya x AI and show how AI can have a positive impact on the day-to-day practice of quality and risk management.

When the time comes and we offer the AI applications in Zenya, as a customer, you do not have to use this if you do not wish to. We understand that not every organisation is comfortable using AI applications. Therefore, we will offer this as add-on functionality. The choice remains with your organisation. You can keep working with Zenya as you are used to, or you can opt for a bit of superpower with AI.

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