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Connect all modules with Zenya’s data management tool

Almost all organisations store information about objects, such as devices, buildings, rooms, customers or suppliers, that may be relevant for use within the various Zenya modules. Instead of entering this information per module, Infoland offers customers a data management tool in the form of the card file.

How the data management tool works

The card index is a central point where you can store, manage and consult all this information. It acts as a smart database from which the various modules can draw but also store information.

The card index can be used as a processing register. For example, to securely and easily store contracts by supplier. It can also be used as a device management system within highly controlled environments such as laboratories.

Bring together information about an object from different sources such as checks, validations and registrations and store it in one folder. The card index is connected to all modules and all information is therefore easy to collect and store, but just as easy to view.

External information is easily added by uploading Excel lists, so anyone can work with the card index without requiring complicated technical skills.

Examples of card file applications per module:

Zenya DOC


Easily link work instructions, manuals or contracts to objects. By placing a QR code next to the object, the correct documents are shown directly in the Assist app.

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Zenya FLOW


When a notification is entered via a notification form or in the Capture app, you can immediately select which object the report is about. The notification is thus directly linked to the object.

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By defining task schedules, including checklists if necessary, for an object, a periodic task is created to perform calibration, maintenance, inspection or customer or supplier surveys, for example.

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Zenya RISK


If advanced control measures are taken in the context of risk management, these should be recorded in the card file. This allows you to easily perform checks or inspections.

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