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When accidents occur, it is often clear that reports need to be made. But how to make such a report is less familiar territory. For example, employees sometimes do not know to whom they should make the report. Or sometimes there is ignorance about what kind of accident is involved, and whether it is an occupational accident at all. Fortunately, most of the uncertainty surrounding accident reports can be resolved quite easily and quickly.

The importance of willingness to report

A common problem is the feeling of shame in the person who caused the accident. Nobody causes a workplace accident on purpose, but people can still feel quite guilty in hindsight. It is up to the management of organisations to ensure a safe reporting culture. One can encourage this by raising awareness of the benefits of reporting (near) incidents. When all employees see the benefits of reporting (near) incidents and there is a safe reporting culture, people will be more willing to report incidents. Despite possible feelings of guilt. If this is the case, then willingness to report is increased.

When willingness to report is increased, one gains a better understanding of the number of incidents one faces. Or the type of incident that occurs more often than another type, so that one can apply improvement measures with a certain direction. In addition, one can see if there are incidents that occur repeatedly, so that one can react proactively with improvement measures so that repetition will occur less and less often or even never again. In this way, increasing willingness to report helps to work ever more safely, efficiently and pleasantly.

Systems should not only be in place for making reports. For handling and improvements within the organisation, these systems are also a welcome addition. When employees know that the report will be taken seriously, this stimulates the willingness to report. Handling is an important task for enabling accident reports within the organisation. Because if it is handled properly, you as an organisation gain more insight into what caused the accident. This information can then be used to improve it in the future. After all, prevention is always better than cure.

In addition, it is good when the threshold for making reports is as low as possible. With the right incident management software, this is a breeze.

Reporting accidents with specialised software

Despite some exceptions, in most cases there is a duty to report accidents. Especially when the result of such a workplace accident results in permanent injury or hospitalisation. As an organisation, therefore, make sure that reporting an accident in a hectic situation is clear and easy. When you can easily report an accident in a hectic situation through intuitive, user-friendly software from any device, you make it a lot more accessible. One way to set this up properly is to apply incident management software.

How to find the right incident management software?

When you start looking for a system that allows you to increase both the willingness to report and the number of reports made, remember that it is smart when you…

  • …you can create notifications from any device. When you are not dependent on mobile or desktop, notifications are less likely to disappear into ‘the pile for later’;
  • …need no technical knowledge to use. The interface should be clear and intuitive, making notifications easy.

If you take these two points into account, you will make it easier for everyone in the organisation to get the report to the right party.

With the Zenya software, you have continuous visibility into the nature and scope, as well as status and owner of reports. This allows you to improve actions at both individual and team level. A dashboard provides a real-time overview of all reports. Zenya makes accident reporting simple and easy.

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