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Almost every organisation faces it: a shortage of employees. This while the workload is as high as ever. A staff shortage is not pleasant for anyone. Do you want to ensure that the necessary work gets done, but not that your employee has to take on even more (often administrative) tasks as a result? There is a solution! Save time with a good quality management system.

When quality assurance only takes time…

Is quality assurance important in your organisation? Then, as management, you want to know how your organisation is performing and that the quality of important processes and documents is secured. However, this often requires extra time from employees within the organisation. Ensuring quality means, among other things, that all incidents are reported, that the right analyses are done and that improvement measures are set out and followed up. And information about certification, norms and standards must also be clearly documented. In many cases, this cannot be done in the same systems. This means that, on top of all the other extra work, employees have to switch.

All this can feel cumbersome, frustrating and cost extra time. Not convenient; especially if you are already dealing with a capacity problem.

Save time with good quality management software

Fortunately, it is possible to ensure quality within your organisation without affecting employees. In fact, with Zenya, Infoland’s quality management system, you support your employees in their work.

1. Report incidents quickly and easily

Too low of an incident reporting rate; this is something many organisations struggle with. Not surprisingly, because within many organisations reporting incidents is still a tedious process that imposes an extra administrative burden on employees. With a shortage of colleagues, there is often no time left to make a report. By using the Zenya FLOW module, employees can easily and quickly report an incident. In addition, employees benefit from forms that are both responsive and adaptive, and can be used on any device, making reporting approachable and easy.

Thanks to smart integrations with primary systems, your employees do not have to work with yet another system. So they are supported in their daily work while you can guarantee the quality of your organisation. Would you like to know more about this? Then read how we do it for healthcare organisations here!

Once an employee reports an incident in Zenya, the report reaches the appropriate, designated person(s) within the organisation. After analysing the report, actions can be deployed and progress can be monitored. As this workflow is fully automatic, manual actions are not required. This saves time for the entire organisation.

2. Efficient document consultation

Searching for the most recent version of the right document can be time-consuming. Having to figure something out again because you consulted the wrong document is also time-consuming and can be frustrating. By cleverly integrating Zenya with the primary system (such as Microsoft Sharepoint), all employees have the right documents at hand, without having to consult a separate system. With smart filters, information can be easily searched and used.

In addition, in some cases with Zenya, it is also possible to add additional blocks, such as ‘Your consulted documents’ or ‘Your favourite documents’, to your primary system (such as with a social

intranet). This allows employees to easily access the most frequently used documents from within Zenya, without leaving the primary system. Another great way to save time.

3. Insights for management

Using quality management software not only unburdens the employees within your organisation, it also gives you as a (quality) manager a lot of time and insights. As management, Zenya software provides you with real-time dashboards. Thanks to these dashboards, you have a clear and complete overview of how the organisation is currently doing, through figures and graphs. You don’t have to spend time collecting data, as the dashboard is updated automatically. This allows you to focus on analysing the data and you can draw the attention of the rest of the MT to and advise on improvement opportunities for your organisation.

Ensuring quality is important, but you don’t want your employees to have to perform extra actions to do so. Especially not with staff shortage. With Zenya, ensuring and understanding the quality within your organisation has never been easier.

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