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Working with workflows and workflow management software brings many benefits to organisations. Workflow management ensures continuity within the organisation and helps employees understand what is expected and when. This is because a workflow is set up so that activities and tasks are performed along a fixed and logical sequence.

More continuity and efficiency in business processes with workflow management software

Workflow management software helps visualise workflows and record them as a process in the system. For example, you can record which person is responsible for which step in the process and when. A notification is then automatically sent when something is expected of them. This increases the continuity of business processes.

Digitising and then optimising workflows in workflow management software allows you to structure one or more business processes. For example, you can make it clear who is responsible for carrying out certain tasks, requests or applications. Or, alternatively, that it should be handled as a team. Thanks to this kind of software, team members can switch remotely using a dashboard or report where they can see which tasks have been completed or which are still open. This way, no one can miss or overlook a task or request.

So with a digital workflow management system, you ensure that internal continuity is improved and work processes are made more efficient.

Digitise and optimise workflows with Zenya FLOW

Zenya FLOW makes it easy to digitise and optimise business processes. Setting-based workflows are available to employees, managers and management, with professionals assigned tasks. It is immediately clear what is expected of them and what the next step in the process is. This way, everyone in the organisation contributes to the improvement process and you ensure transparency and ownership.

Zenya FLOW is custom configured, by an organisation itself or with the help of Infoland, based on your organisation’s processes. This ensures that the workflow management system fits your needs.

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