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Your organisation is growing and more and more challenges arise. With challenges often come new problems. With growth comes great demands on the flexibility and agility of organisations. It may not be immediately clear where improvement is needed or necessary. Where does that lie?

Basically, it is important to keep incidents and projects separate. We explain why clear processes around incidents are indispensable for your organisation and how to tightly arrange this with an incident management tool.

A known problem

In any growing company, which does not (yet) structurally optimise processes, it is a well-known problem that at some point standard projects and incidents start to mix.

“That project for that big client needs to be finished, but that incident also really needs to be solved today”. It is the dilemma we all face from time to time.

This may result in your project officer handling an incident ‘in between’ and then quickly getting on with the project he or she was working on. But if you want work processes to work optimally, it is JUST as important to evaluate and group incidents together. That way, you keep learning as an organisation, and incidents can be handled better in the future.

Incident management as part of professional work processes

The fact that projects and incidents get mixed up is obviously an obstacle to the smooth growth of your organisation. You can solve this problem by defining good working processes and clearly assigning responsibilities.

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If you ask a work process expert for more information on this problem, you may come across several methods. What you use is up to you. But whatever method you ultimately choose; the software you use in the process should take work off your hands and reduce error sensitivity to the minimum.

What should I do now?

To give processes a proper place in the organisation, it is best to work with a specialist. Your goal is to keep the organisation running as smoothly as possible, preventing errors and thus ensuring continuity. There are several ways to approach this.

Would you like more information on how your organisation can best deal with incidents? You can read the following articles on our site to find the tools you need:

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What are the benefits of Zenya FLOW?

You set up all forms and workflows so that they optimally match your processes or we help optimise processes.

With Zenya FLOW, you manage in one tool:

  • Incidents
  • Improvements  
  • Abnormalities and complaints

With real-time dashboards, there is always insight into the nature and extent of reports made, progress and improvement actions taken.

Reports can be made via:

  • Laptop 
  • Tablet  
  • Mobile phone 

On your phone and tablet, you can create notifications with the Zenya Capture App. No internet connection for a while? No problem. Notifications are delivered automatically as soon as you are connected again.

Creating reports can be both internal and external. You can build workflows without any programming knowledge and apply cause analyses like PRISMA, TRIPOD and Root Cause Analysis. In addition, you easily link Zenya FLOW with multiple other systems. 

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