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“Not another system…”. This is the most frequently heard objection from healthcare employees that we encounter and the reason why organisations do not want to implement a quality management system. Recognisable?

Nowadays, many care and welfare institutions use external systems. Think Sharepoint, Dropbox, an intranet or EHR/EPR. Often ‘popular’ programmes with your colleagues. It drives employees crazy that they have to consult a different programme all the time. Let alone yet another system so that the organisation can guarantee its quality.

But what if employees don’t notice that there is a new system, while you as an organisation have a place to guarantee your quality? We explain it to you!

Good quality assurance and satisfied care staff

As a quality manager within a care or welfare organisation, we don’t need to convince you why a quality management system is essential. Not only do you have responsibility for securing quality processes and documents, you want to be able to map out how the organisation is doing at any time. After all, the signals from incidents and complaints, but also the results of audits and risk inventories, help you improve the quality of your organisation.

Yet we find that many organisations do not want yet another system. The only question is, for whom not? Because as the management of an organisation, you do want another system, as this is how you guarantee quality. Most likely, you don’t want another system for your healthcare employee, which is understandable. Your organisation’s employees already work with various primary systems, such as an EHR/EPR, intranet and perhaps also a roster programme. The search for the right – sometimes already outdated – information or reporting incidents can therefore be frustrating, especially when the employee has to switch to another system ‘again’. After all, every care worker’s priority is client care and other daily tasks.

Fortunately, it is possible to implement a new quality management system without bothering your care employee. Indeed, with Zenya, Infoland’s quality management system, you support your care staff. How is this possible? The answer is smart integrations.

The solution: smart integrations

By cleverly integrating Zenya into your primary systems, your employees don’t have to work with yet another system. All the while, your organisation’s management will have insight into how the organisation is doing and can thus ensure the quality of processes and documents. Curious about what this looks like in practice? We tell you about it based on the two most important functionalities for your healthcare employee, low-threshold incident reporting and consulting quality documents.

Easily accessible incident reporting

Many healthcare organisations experience the same problem: too low of a reporting rate of incidents. This is not surprising, as many organisations still require incidents to be reported on paper or in a separate system. And when the employee has (finally) decided to report anyway, it soon becomes clear that a whole laundry list of questions has to be answered. In other words, too time-consuming and complicated for the employee. By making a smart integration with the EHR/EPR (or intranet) used in the organisation, reporting incidents is made easy. The care worker can create reports from the system they work with daily and thus does not realise that Zenya is being used. This while the employee benefits from the advantages, such as responsive and adaptive forms, that a system like Zenya offers.

Consulting documents

Not only incident reporting is important for an organisation’s quality, but also the safeguarding of quality processes and documents. Therefore, a quality management system prevents employees from working with an older version of an important document, ensuring that they always and everywhere have the most up-to-date version. By cleverly integrating Zenya with the intranet, Sharepoint or other primary systems your organisation uses, all employees have the right documents to hand without having to access a separate system to do so.

If an employee is now used to accessing documents from an intranet site or Sharepoint, you would like to keep it that way. Your organisation’s employees search for a document via Sharepoint or the intranet. The search result can include documents from your intranet site/Sharepoint, such as minutes and other documents to which version control is not going to be applied, as well as quality documents from Zenya. Smart filters allow your employee to easily consult the document being searched for. In addition, Zenya also allows you to add additional blocks, such as ‘Your consulted documents’ or ‘Your favourite documents’, to your intranet site/Sharepoint. This allows your employee to easily access the most frequently used documents from Zenya, without your employee having to leave the intranet site/Sharepoint.

Easy access to documents does not only apply to the healthcare employee intranet within your organisation. For example, your HR staff can also easily access the right documents in the most logical place for them, the HR system. So the smart integration with the quality management system ensures that employees can easily access the right documents, while on the back end, the documents are secured in Zenya.

Insight for management

The quality management system not only relieves the care worker, but will also give you as a quality manager a lot of time and insight. Not only will your work become a lot easier, as care workers can easily report incidents and find the right documents, but also through the insight created with Zenya.  Although your staff may not realise they are working with Zenya, you – and the rest of the MT – have a real-time dashboard. Thanks to the dashboard, you have an easy overview of how the organisation is currently doing, through figures and graphs. Because the dashboard is updated automatically, you need to spend less (if any) time collecting data but can focus on analysis. This allows you to draw the attention of the rest of management and advise them on opportunities for improvement in your organisation.

As management of a healthcare organisation, you would like to be able to guarantee quality and gain insight into how the organisation is doing. However, you don’t want the care workers to have to handle additional systems and actions to do this, as the workload is already high enough. With Zenya’s smart integrations, securing and understanding the quality of an organisation has never been easier.

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