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Zenya stimuleert informatieveilig gedrag bij Lentis GGZ

Zenya promotes awareness and information security behaviour within Lentis GGZ

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Providing accurate and secure information is crucial to delivering good care. Healthcare providers must always have access to the right information about patients, and patients must be confident that their sensitive data is handled safely. Lourens Dijkstra, CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) at Lentis, explains how his organisation deals with information security and how Zenya […]

The culture around risk management at Oasen got a boost thanks to Zenya

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The drinking water company Oasen provides 778,000 people in part of South Holland and Utrecht with delicious and reliable drinking water on a daily basis. Incidents were recorded in several ways. Some incidents were being reported on paper and incidents related to health, environment and safety were recorded in a reporting system that was not […]
Adelante zet Zenya succesvol in voor klachtenmanagement

Adelante Care Group successfully applies Zenya for complaints management

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Adelante Care Group specialises in rehabilitation, intensive child care, labour, special education and audiology & communication. As Adelante has many different locations, an efficient and coordinating quality system is very important - and so is their complaints management. For both purposes, they use Zenya with great success. Jacky Wolfs is senior quality policy officer and […]

UMC Utrecht relies on functional management from Infoland

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By structurally enlisting the help of a functional manager for the Zenya modules, Alphons’ team’s workload remains manageable. Read more about how this solution supports UMC Utrecht.
Aqualectra Website - Lifestyle

Aqualectra on Curaçao swaps Excel for Zenya

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Aqualectra is the Curaçao government utility company that produces and distributes water and electricity to more than 80,000 households and businesses. Its 615 dedicated employees work every day to ensure a trouble-free supply of water and electricity to its customers. Meanwhile, 40% of its supply consists of renewable energy. Risk management is a crucial part […]

Qualicor Europe audit at Ikazia a succes partly due to Zenya

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In June 2021, Qualicor Europe conducted an audit at Ikazia Hospital Rotterdam. Ikazia passed the audit with flying colours and Qualicor gave a nice compliment for the way they use Zenya as a quality and risk management system. We’d like to know more about that.
Complimenten voor gebruik Zenya
Kwaliteitsmanagement systeem bij het RIBW K/AM

RIBW K/AM: Successful GDPR pilot with Zenya

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I think we really pushed the limits of the system and worked with Infoland to find a solution. For us, the system was an impulse to register all things correctly in one go. We now have a good basic system that really suits us and from which we can build further.”

Disability organisation ORO: using risks as opportunities

These are challenging times for disability care organisations. Turnover and results are under pressure due to agreements made in The Hague and the increasing competition. The transition from the AWBZ (general law on exceptional medical expenses) to the WMO (social support act) has heightened the uncertainty. ORO has turned these developments into an opportunity to become […]
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Hospital corridor - Incident management for the prevention of incidents in hospitals - Tjongerschans Hospital

Tjongerschans Hospital: gaining concrete insight with Zenya

It is easy to use the software. What I like about it is that it is very visual and clear. We can see at a glance what the biggest risks are. We use it in combination with the Zenya FLOW with which we actively send out the improvement measures to the relevant employees by e-mail. […]

Greenyard Fresh: from individual files to an integrated QMS

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An organisation in the food industry with 150 permanent employees can really benefit from a solid quality management system. Years ago, the Quality Management department at Greenyard Fresh Netherlands started processinginformation in separate Word, Excel and PDF filesEven asimple search would take a lot of time in those days. For a fast-growing organisation like Greenyard, […]
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