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Insight, overview and convenience for Oasen thanks to Zenya

The drinking water company Oasen provides 778,000 people in part of South Holland and Utrecht with delicious and reliable drinking water on a daily basis. Incidents were recorded in several ways. Some incidents were being reported on paper and incidents related to health, environment and safety were recorded in a reporting system that was not optimized for that purpose.

Protocols and documents were recorded in a document management system, and risk management consisted of Excel files. Over the years, the number of procedures described grew and processes became fragmented, leading to a loss of overview.

We spoke to Peter van der Vlies, risk management consultant, Irene van Eijk, quality management consultant, and Hayat el Boayadi, quality management representative. They discuss how they came to choose Zenya and what the use of this quality management software has brought Oasen so far.

Oasen - Mannen werken aan riolering met grote rioleringspijpen

From a decision for a new DMS to a decision for a complete quality and risk management system

An initial need for new software to capture procedures and documents arose. The existing DMS was no longer adequate. “Even though the requirement to record work in procedures was dropped in ISO 9001:2015, there was a need for a user-friendly system to automate certain workflows and secure output of business processes even better,” Irene says.

Peter adds: “We soon discovered that there are a tremendous number of systems available for document management. However, we expanded the scope: we needed a system in which we could also record and monitor incident reports and in which risk management could be carried out. We had seen many, but by no means all the systems delivered what they promised.”

“In the end, there were two suppliers left who were allowed to bid for the tender. One was Infoland with Zenya Software, and in the end you guys won the tender. So we went to work with Zenya,” Peter continued.

Zenya: a single integrated system for quality and risk management

One of the requirements of the tender was to simplify document management. Should, for example, a department name change, it should be modifiable at once in all relevant documents. This is something Zenya concurs with.

With regard to incident reports, there were additional needs from within the organization as well. In the old situation, technicians would report an incident or dangerous situation at a location in one reporting system, then manually record it in another reporting system.

That system in particular was complicated to use and not that user-friendly. It also lacked analysis capabilities. Therefore, the new reporting system had to be significantly easier to use and offer the possibility of analysis, Hayat explains.

Furthermore, the system had to be suitable for risk management, as Oasen did not yet have a system for this, other than the existing Excel documents. Above all, Peter felt he lacked an overview and insight into what is really going on. What’s particularly pleasing is that one system meets all the requirements, so that it does not become so fragmented within the organization. This benefits the overall ease of use.

Oasen - Kinderen drinken veilig, helder drinkwater

Process flows for quick and easy follow-up

By now, several months have passed and Zenya has been implemented at Oasen. In the process, they waited until Zenya was finally launched to avoid having to work in iProva first and then quickly switch to Zenya.

The main purpose of Zenya DOC is to record process flows, Irene explains. This is to ensure that documents are managed correctly and the right people can get involved.

This makes the follow-up process a lot easier. We used to work with Excel and stand-alone emails, into which you would then add your part and then forward it. This is a lot easier in Zenya: you forward the task in the system to the next one and the system helps you remember that you still need to do your part, says Irene.

Following up incident reports is a lot more straightforward this way as well, says Hayat: “Whereas before you had to follow up on a report because it was left on a desk or in a mailbox somewhere, it can now be dealt with a lot faster. Useful, when a system reminds you that something is still expected of you!”

All of them also mention the management of Zenya, which is easy to do yourself. Specific knowledge is not necessary, but a bit of skill and interest is. But that’s okay at Oasen, because Zenya offers them so much more overview and convenience that they enjoy working with the software. And of course we love to hear that!

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