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Adelante Care Group applies Zenya for complaints management

Adelante Care Group specialises in rehabilitation, intensive child care, labour, special education and audiology & communication. As Adelante has many different locations, an efficient and coordinating quality system is very important – and so is their complaints management. For both purposes, they use Zenya with great success.

Jacky Wolfs is senior policy officer for quality and complaints officer at Adelante. She explains how it all started and how Zenya helps her handle complaints from throughout Adelante.






1000 – 5000

Launching challenges:

  • A large amount of data and documents on the shared drive
  • No thorough complaint management system
  • Follow-up on complaints handling was difficult and time-consuming

Results after implementation:

  • Registration of complaints is safe, efficient and complete
  • Reporting is much faster and efficient now
  • The privacy of reporters is guaranteed, by shielding the flows in Zenya

Before Zenya, it was impossible to run comprehensive reporting. Now I have instant access to all the data I need. Reporting has become much more convenient!”

Jacky Wolfs
Senior policy officer for quality and complaints officer at Adelante

The first step: an optimised document management

Initially, Adelante was looking for a system to optimise their document management. That’s how the ball started rolling. Jacky: “We originally started with Zenya DOC, at least ten years ago now. It worked so well that we gradually started using the other modules. Zenya DOC was followed by incident reports in Zenya FLOW, then came the improvement flow, the internal audits in Zenya CHECK and the complaints flow. Currently, we are also completing Zenya RISK.”

Complaint management was a logical follow-up

Originally, complaints management was done through documents and Excel files on the shared drive. Getting to know Zenya better, Jacky realised that complaints could also be perfectly managed in the software. “If you can report an incident, you can also report a complaint. The principle is actually completely the same.”

Her position as quality policy officer played an important role in this, says Jacky. “The complaints officer can be a rather isolated person in an organisation, dealing only with complaints management and not knowing about the other systems used. I already knew Zenya from our quality system, so I made the link to how it could help me manage complaints. Otherwise, I might not have known about it at all.”

Originally, we only had our document management in Zenya DOC. That was so wonderful! Today, we deploy almost all Zenya modules.”

Jacky Wolfs
Senior policy officer for quality and complaints officer at Adelante

Data safety in Zenya FLOW

When people want to report a complaint to Adelante, they can do so in various ways. Via e-mail, via the website, by calling… This depends on the client’s wishes. In this way, the threshold is kept as low as possible. Complaints end up in Jacky’s secure inbox, to which only she has access.

“When I receive a complaint, I register the complaint in Zenya FLOW. Then a log is created where I can monitor and update the status of the complaint. Only I have access to that complaint flow, so reporters’ data is always optimally protected. After two years, a file is also automatically destroyed.”

Faster and easier reporting

When registering a complaint, Jacky has to fill in a number of fields each time. These are important for reporting. “Once a quarter, I provide a comprehensive quality report,” says Jacky. “Then I also report on the complaints received, especially based on location and complaint aspects. Are the reports about treatment, financial matters, facilities, about the organisation, or rather about the content? I also include the processing time in the report, and whether the complaint was dealt with satisfactorily.”

Before Zenya, such extensive reporting was unthinkable. Jacky: “The amount of documents on the shared drive was massive. There was no starting point… Now, with Zenya, reporting is very convenient and fast. If we didn’t have Zenya, I would have to run after everyone to request Excel files. I can’t imagine how that would ever work, there’s no time for that.”

The more you work with Zenya, the more you discover what else is possible and the more you want to dive into the software.”

Jacky Wolfs
Senior policy officer for quality and complaints officer at Adelante

Helicopter view across the whole organisation

“I am in a very central position and have to have a helicopter view of the whole organisation. That’s why I’m so happy with Zenya. Before, colleagues used to put everything on the shared drive and you really had to search. But now, if I want to know something, I just look in Zenya – whether it’s following up complaints, points for improvement, incident reports or anything else. All the data always stays together neatly.”

So Jacky is happy with Zenya, but one thing she regrets is that “I regret not having more time to immerse myself in the software,” Jacky says. “The system offers so many possibilities, and although we already do quite a lot with it, I still have lots of other ideas.”

In the future, for example, Adelante plans to link the complaint form on the website to Zenya, so that complaints immediately enter the system and the flow is automatically started. To be continued!

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