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Triferto sees exponential increase in reports due to Zenya

From soil to life: that is the slogan of Triferto, an international wholesaler of mineral fertilisers. With several locations across Belgium, France and the Netherlands, safety is an absolute top priority for them. Harold Krikke, Quality coordinator at Triferto, talks about how they apply Zenya FLOW and the Capture app for reporting (near-) incidents and unsafe situations – and how else they use Zenya.


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Launching challenges:

  • The reporting system was tedious and barely used
  • Maintenance of machinery was not recorded accurately

Results after implementation:

  • A simple reporting system that employees enjoy using
  • A complete machine inventory that is easy to access
Screenshot melding Zenya FLOW - Triferto

A tedious reporting system

Safety is a top priority for Triferto, yet they hardly got any reports from people on the work floor. This made it difficult to define where areas for improvement lay. To increase the willingness to report, employees were required to send in a number of reports every year, yet reporting remained tedious.

Harold says: “Registering reports used to be done via a paper form. Colleagues first had to print it out, fill it in, scan it again and send it further. However, we noticed that we often had to chase people through this whole process to get them to make a report. So we started looking for a more efficient digital interpretation of the reporting system.”

With our previous system, we barely got six reports in six months. With Zenya, that’s 123 within the same time frame!”

Harold Krikke
Quality, Occupational Health and Safety coördinator at Triferto

Choices with impact

Through a new colleague, who knew Zenya (back then IProva) from his previous job, Harold came into contact with Infoland. “In February 2023, we made the first contact with Infoland. A consultant visited us, listened to our needs, and in April we signed the agreement that included the modules we wanted to use.”

As the registration of unsafe situations and (near) incidents was most important for Triferto, the Zenya FLOW module was initiated. “We installed a tablet on all our sites with the Capture app on it and created a single account with which to report. We set up the form so that people could easily fill in all the details and add a photo.”

In terms of follow-up, Harold and his colleague, who is Manager of Operations, sit together every week to go through new and pending calls. “We have set up the flow so that the two of us can manage all calls perfectly, and it runs super well,” says Harold.

About three months after signing the agreement, the new reporting system went live. Harold: “We made choices very quickly. We were all enthusiastic and the system is now paying off. With our previous reporting system, we barely got six reports in six months. Since we have been working with Zenya FLOW, also for almost six months now, there are already 123! Of course, we have also worked on creating more awareness around safety, but we also often get positive feedback about the reporting system. It is very accessible and simple, and that simplicity triggers people to make a report.”

Meanwhile, Triferto is also busy building a flow for product complaints. “We hope to go live with this soon,” says Harold. “There are slightly more steps behind it than for incident reports, but other than that this flow will work basically the same. By the way, the idea also came from the work floor itself.”

Zenya CHECK is a system for compiling our machine inventory that is very convenient. I really find the QR codes in particular a great added value.”

Harold Krikke
Quality, Occupational Health and Safety coördinator at Triferto

Registration of machines in CHECK

When Triferto signed the agreement with Infoland, they already knew that they also wanted to register their machines in a more efficient way. That’s why they also chose Zenya CHECK. Harold: “As soon as the reporting system in FLOW was up and running, we started setting up our machine registration in CHECK. The reason for this was an improvement point from the ISO certification around the maintenance of our machines. After all, this was not yet recorded so accurately, with an e-mail here or an Excel document there.”

Meanwhile, Triferto’s technical department is busy creating a machine inventory. A sheet is created in the Zenya card bin for each machine. Automatically, a QR code is also generated for each machine, which is printed on a label and applied to the machine in question.

“Per machine, we want to add all useful data in CHECK. The maintenance history, manual, year of manufacture, parts, and so on. When you scan the QR code on a device with the Assist app, you get to see all that information. So at the moment, we mainly use CHECK as a maintenance log, but in the future we would also like to schedule periodic maintenance with it using questionnaires.”

Reporting has now become so easy: employees quickly grab the tablet, take a picture and send the report in. It really is child’s play.”

Harold Krikke
Quality, Occupational Health and Safety coördinator at Triferto

Does Triferto have other plans with Zenya?

“We are also going to work with Zenya DOC anyway,” says Harold. “Those plans are not very concrete yet, but I will already start setting them up together with our Infoland consultant. After all, we still have a number of wishes from the organisation to which FLOW, CHECK and DOC – or a combination thereof – can provide an answer. The software is also so well connected, so sometimes you take the next steps faster than expected. Thus, in six months’ time, we have already achieved a lot with Zenya.”

Whether Harold and his colleague completely set up all those modules themselves? “While there are many things you can do yourself, there are also functionalities that are harder to figure out on your own. Every fortnight I therefore sit down with our Infoland consultant. It’s pleasant to have someone who is really knowledgeable about the software, and our consultant does that excellently. She can even programme Zenya with her eyes closed,” Harold laughs.

“If I can give companies one final tip, it is to sit down with Infoland and express your requirements. The Zenya software suite is such a versatile package that there is a sleeve for everyone.”

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