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Dichterbij goes for sustainable document management

Dichterbij is there for people with intellectual disabilities and the people around them. At a Dichterbij residential or work location, at home or at school, Dichterbij provides support, care and treatment. Since December, the care organisation has been using Zenya for sustainable document management. The main premise at the start of this project was locatable policies: employees needed to be able to quickly find up-to-date policy documents to provide client-centred and safe care.

Lianne Soer – van Baal (communication advisor) and Henri Pijnappels (project leader) explain why Zenya stood out for them when they were looking for a user-friendly document management system. Dichterbij was also one of the first clients to set up a campaign in Zenya BOOST, to share targeted information about the new system with document managers in the organisation.






1000 – 5000

Launching challenges:

  • An outdated document management system, meant information was not findable
  • Documents were not up-to-date and actual, also many versions were circulating
  • Information and policy documents were scattered across multiple systems

Results after implementation:

  • A user-friendly environment integrated with the intranet
  • Employees now find actual documents easily and more conveniently in one central location
  • Clear campaigns with explanations for document managers is made possible thanks to Zenya BOOST

Looking for a high-quality document management system

Our client Dichterbij’s document management system was severely outdated. So what was wrong? Lianne says: “The system was technically dysfunctional and posed security risks. The old system’s search engine was unusable. As a result, information was difficult or impossible for employees to find. Moreover, policy documents in the system were not up-to-date and often duplicated.”

“The old system was no longer manageable – it was an on-premise application that was behind with several updates. Management internally was also not well managed,” Henri adds.

Dichterbij started looking for a new system. In the run-up to the project, a wide-ranging survey took place to determine the requirements for the selection process. A large group of care staff, quality focus officers and content managers were surveyed about their wishes and annoyances with regard to finding, creating and managing policy documents.

Integration with the intranet

Zenya quickly emerged during this research. Henri: “We requested a demo for Zenya DOC. Zenya, as a SaaS application, was a logical choice for us. It is a user-friendly environment and integrates well with our current social intranet.” This integration with Iris Intranet was one of Dichterbij’s key requirements. It had to ensure that employees could look up all the information they needed from one environment.

“Colleagues need to be able to assume that information can be found quickly AND that the information is up to date, regardless of the system the information comes from. You don’t want three different versions of a document floating around,” says Henri. Zenya has achieved this, although Lianne and Henri are aware that good agreements and frameworks are also needed. Lianne: “We have now established those agreements. Consider the organisation-wide vision of information management. How are we going to work with the new system? We have included the process description, tasks, roles and responsibilities in the new policy.”

Zenya DOC, as a SaaS application, was a logical choice for us. It is a user-friendly environment and integrates well with our current social intranet. All documents can now be found in one central place.”

Henri Pijnappels
Project leader at Dichterbij

Our old document management system was no longer manageable – it was an on-premise application that was behind with several updates. Management internally was also not well managed.”

Henri Pijnappels
Project leader at Dichterbij

The software is visually appealing and user-friendly

The ultimate goal of Zenya and the established frameworks is for employees to provide client-centred and safe care. And although Dichterbij has only been live with their new document management system for a few weeks, internal reactions are already positive. “Employees find the software visually appealing and say it’s easy to use. You get straight to where you need to be,” says Lianne.

Henri adds: “The strength in our situation is also definitely the integration with Iris Intranet. For us, that link is indispensable, because the intranet is colleagues’ home page. If they want to look something up, they do so directly via the intranet. Employees don’t actually realise they are in Zenya, although it is also possible to search directly through DOC.” Dichterbij has created work instructions for looking up information in an interactive document in Zenya. So for Dichterbij’s healthcare professionals, it doesn’t matter where a file is located – everything is easy to find.

“What colleagues now also see as a plus is that one can add a comment for the document manager if they don’t understand something in content,” says Lianne. “You can quickly see who is responsible for a particular file. Previously, documents still had names of employees who had been out of service for quite some time.” Also, the front office can now quickly help employees who are not so digitally literate, sharing a link of a document. “The link always refers to the correct version of a file. So when a link is posted on the intranet, it always remains up-to-date. That’s a big difference from the old way of working!”

Zenya Search app and Zenya BOOST

Currently, Dichterbij is using the DOC module. The Zenya Search app will also be rolled out soon. This is a handy solution for employees who don’t always work via a PC but need to access documents regularly. With the app, colleagues will soon have access to documents at all times, even without an internet connection and when they are on the road or visiting a client, for example.

With Zenya BOOST, Dichterbij launched a successful campaign for document managers. “Our Infoland consultant alerted us to the new module, which allows us to reach large groups of employees with minimal effort,” says Lianne. “We rolled out a campaign for document managers in the run-up to going live, to prepare them for DOC and the training sessions that were coming up.” For this, Dichterbij used a template campaign provided by Infoland. They easily filled it with their own content. Through BOOST, employees receive small pieces of information (microlearnings) via email for a certain period of time, on which they can then click through to the entire campaign in a clear timeline.

“Initially, from my role as communications officer, I was a bit ‘hesitant’ to set up a campaign in BOOST, because we have an internal agreement that we don’t use e-mail as a communication tool,” says Lianne. “But because we wanted to share targeted information with document managers about Zenya, in which they could click through to DOC, we set up a campaign anyway. I was positively surprised! Setting up a campaign in BOOST is very simple and straightforward.”

To prepare document managers for what coming, we set up a campaign in Zenya BOOST. I was positively surprised! Setting up a campaign in BOOST is very simple and straightforward.”

Lianne Soer - van Baal
Communication advisor at Dichterbij

The right path to sustainable document management

Lianne and Henri expect to apply Zenya BOOST more often to share information with document managers or other groups, for example when the Search app will be rolled out. Henri: “That’s the next step, rolling out the app. We are now enthusiastically continuing the rollout of the management plan and its further development. Document management is an ongoing process. We are confident that with Zenya, we are on the right path to sustainable document management.”

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