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Zenya stimuleert informatieveilig gedrag bij Lentis GGZ

Zenya promotes awareness and information security behaviour within Lentis GGZ

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Providing accurate and secure information is crucial to delivering good care. Healthcare providers must always have access to the right information about patients, and patients must be confident that their sensitive data is handled safely. Lourens Dijkstra, CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) at Lentis, explains how his organisation deals with information security and how Zenya […]

Triferto notices exponential increase in reports thanks to Zenya

From soil to life: dat is de slogan van Triferto, een internationale groothandel in minerale meststoffen. Met verschillende locaties verspreid over België, Frankrijk en Nederland is veiligheid voor hen een absolute topprioriteit. Harold Krikke, KAM-coördinator bij Triferto, vertelt hoe zij Zenya FLOW en de Capture app inzetten voor het melden van (bijna-)ongevallen en onveilige situaties […]
Triferto merkt toename van meldingen dankzij Zenya

The culture around risk management at Oasen got a boost thanks to Zenya

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The drinking water company Oasen provides 778,000 people in part of South Holland and Utrecht with delicious and reliable drinking water on a daily basis. Incidents were recorded in several ways. Some incidents were being reported on paper and incidents related to health, environment and safety were recorded in a reporting system that was not […]

Adelante Care Group successfully applies Zenya for complaints management

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Adelante Care Group specialises in rehabilitation, intensive child care, labour, special education and audiology & communication. As Adelante has many different locations, an efficient and coordinating quality system is very important - and so is their complaints management. For both purposes, they use Zenya with great success. Jacky Wolfs is senior quality policy officer and […]
Adelante zet Zenya succesvol in voor klachtenmanagement
Groep Agapè verhoogt de kwaliteit van zorg met Zenya

Agapè Group increases quality of care with Zenya

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To make their document management more efficient and user-friendly, Group Agapè started looking for a new system. Through the team at RS health, a partner of Infoland, they ended up at Zenya and the project was launched at WZC Veilige Have. They now use the software across all sites and for other applications. Hanne Van […]

UMC Utrecht relies on functional management from Infoland

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By structurally enlisting the help of a functional manager for the Zenya modules, Alphons’ team’s workload remains manageable. Read more about how this solution supports UMC Utrecht.
Aqualectra Website - Lifestyle

Aqualectra on Curaçao swaps Excel for Zenya

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Aqualectra is the Curaçao government utility company that produces and distributes water and electricity to more than 80,000 households and businesses. Its 615 dedicated employees work every day to ensure a trouble-free supply of water and electricity to its customers. Meanwhile, 40% of its supply consists of renewable energy. Risk management is a crucial part […]

az Vesalius clinical laboratory gains efficiency with Zenya

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In a clinical laboratory, many tests are performed. It goes without saying that quality management is crucial here – as it is in the clinical laboratory of az Vesalius in Tongeren. Clinical biologist Bram Ngô and research assistant Joris Comhair are both responsible for quality and tell more about the ins and outs of the […]
Efficientie met Zenya
Complimenten voor gebruik Zenya

Qualicor Europe audit at Ikazia a succes partly due to Zenya

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In June 2021, Qualicor Europe conducted an audit at Ikazia Hospital Rotterdam. Ikazia passed the audit with flying colours and Qualicor gave a nice compliment for the way they use Zenya as a quality and risk management system. We’d like to know more about that.

SPIE Belgium makes it easier for employees with Zenya

From the design of Smart Cities to the maintenance of energy-efficient buildings: SPIE Belgium is European leader in multi-technical services in the area of energy and communication. Jeroen Vercauteren, QSE manager, has been part of the organisation for 14 years. He helped with the digitalisation of various processes, including the incident management system and the […]
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